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The Foundation for Wildlife Management Inc.

The Foundation for Wildlife Management is an organization who's primary goal is to actively help in the restoration of the elk, deer,  and moose populations that the successful introduction of the Gray Wolf  is destroying.  We as sportsman and recreation enthusiasts have watched our elk, deer, and moose herds diminished year after year and now is our chance to try and make a difference.  Whether you hunt or not, the way we enjoy the outdoors is at stake.  We are asking for your support in helping to restore the predator/prey balance so that future Idahoans, our kids, still have a wildlife resource to enjoy.

About Us

We are a group of sportsmen who truly love Idaho and the amazing collection of wildlife that exists here.  Learn here about what drove us all to form  this group.

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It is our sincere hope that what we do right now and in the near future will make a difference and have enough effect to ensure that our children will still have a wildlife resource to cherish and  enjoy.

Please help us in this endeavor.

The Facts

The Solution

More Information

More Information

The wolf issue has been tossed around in the courts for years. There are the lovers and the haters. We are attempting to get people to look at this issue from a factual standpoint. What is really happening in the woods. In this section you will find information that is the science and true life experiences of what is really going on. Please consider these facts when formulating your opinion on the predator/prey issues.

You and people like you can be part of the solution. Find out how joining or donating to this group can make the difference in whether our children will still continue to enjoy the outdoors the way we have been able to in the past. Even if you don’t live in Idaho, your donation or membership is just as important if we are to succeed in our goals. Your contribution or membership will go directly to someone who is making an hands on difference.


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