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The Foundation for Wildlife Management Inc.

The Foundation for Wildlife             Management

Is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to promote ungulate population recovery in areas negatively impacted by wolves, assist the Idaho Department of Fish and Game in reaching their wolf management objectives, and educate the public on the negative impact the successful reintroduction of wolves has had on our Ungulate populations.  Whether you hunt or not, the way we  enjoy the outdoors and the  future of our wildlife populations is at stake.  We are asking for your financial support to  help us  restore the predator/prey balance so that future Idahoans, “our kids”, still have a wildlife resource to enjoy.



About Us

We are a group of sportsmen who truly love Idaho and the amazing collection of wildlife that exists here.  Learn here about what drove us all to form  this group.

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F4WM is financially responsible for 37% of all wolves trapped in Idaho the past 3 years. The panhandle and Clearwater regions, where F4WM is most active, account for 84% of the 119 wolves trapped in Idaho last season. Of that total, F4WM reimbursed for 64%! The next leading region trapped only 6 wolves…With your help F4WM will expand statewide and increase harvest rates exponentially, therefore assisting IDFG reach their wolf management objectives!

The Facts

The Solution

More Information

More Information

There are many misconceptions about wolves, their behaviors, wolf management, and trapping. Idaho has been living with, and managing wolves for a few years now, yet much of the general public seems misinformed. It’s important to educate ourselves with factual information, and come to our own conclusions based on scientific fact, rather than emotion, or misleading documentaries seen on TV. Want to know what’s really happening out there? In this section you will find the factual information and scientific data to form your own conclusions about what’s truly taking place here in Idaho and across the Northwest.

You can be part of the solution! Joining or donating to F4WM can make the difference in whether our children will enjoy the outdoors the way we have, or if their outdoor experience will be severely diminished. Sportsmen across the northwest, must join forces and work together for the sake of our future. Your contribution or membership is critical in reaching our goal of assisting IDFG in their wolf management objectives. Your financing will go directly to someone who is making a “Hands on” difference in this fight to save our ungulate herds.