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Ensuring ungulate populations recover in areas negatively impacted by wolves


Tired of Wolves Destroying Your Wildlife?

 F4WM has saved an estimated 80,000 elk, moose, deer, and livestock, with science-based predator control.

 F4WM has removed more than 575 wolves from Idaho to date, at an average expense of $680 per wolf, funded by sportsmen, ranchers, and concerned citizens, with zero tax funding! Without the F4WM program, those same wolves would likely have been removed through the Idaho Wolf Control Board at an average expense of $9000+ per wolf. (Which does include general tax dollars)

 F4WM brings those who want wolves manged- Idaho Fish & Game, outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and ranchers, -together with those who have the ways and means to get the job done.


Your memberships and donations directly reimburse ethical hunters and trappers for expenses accrued while harvesting wolves.

​We are currently searching for volunteers to assist with developing new fundraising chapters in other areas, to host Fundraising Banquets and membership drives. If you would like to volunteer, please contact F4WM Executive Director Justin Webb at 208-610-4455.

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