Ensuring ungulate populations recover in areas negatively impacted by wolves


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I log in to my member account?

A: If you have not logged in before, You can log in by entering your email address, and clicking the reset password button. You will receive an email prompting you to create a password for your account and then be able to log in using your email and new password you have created. 

Q:  Is F4WM a “BOUNTY” program?

A:  NO, F4WM operates a reimbursement of expenses program and requires copies of your expense receipts to qualify. Bounties include unregulated take, emphasizing drastic population reduction, with cash as a prize, regardless of effort or investment. Expense receipts are required to qualify for F4WM reimbursement. F4WM promotes wolf harvest, by offsetting a portion of expense accrued to harvest a wolf, yet harvest remains strictly regulated by state game management agencies. We simply provide a secondary tool for state managers to use as needed.

Q:  How do I get Reimbursed for my wolf harvest?

A:  To qualify for reimbursement of your expenses accrued to harvest a wolf, you must first be a current member, in good standing with F4WM (with the exception of IDFG Grant Funding). Then, when you harvest a wolf, you email, or send in a copy of your pink IDFG Check in slip which proves that yours is a legal harvest, and what Unit the wolf was harvested in (This is important because amounts vary based on region). You also Email or send in a copy of your expense receipts, up to the max allowed for the region your wolf was harvested in. Seven to ten business days from when we receive these documents, we verify the validity of them, and then write and mail you a check to your mailing address. You keep the wolf. Its important to send copies only- should you send originals we are not responsible for lost receipts or check in slips. You can email these documents to or mail them to PO BOX 821 Ponderay ID 83852

Q:  Do I need a license to hunt or trap wolves?

A:  YES, all state rules and regulations apply. Visit the Idaho Department of Fish and Game Website for rules and regulations.

Q:  How many wolf tags can I purchase?

A:  Depending on the region your in, up to 10 hunting tags and up to 10 trapping tags. Be certain you fully understand all IDFG Regulations prior to targeting wolves.

Q:  Where should I go to find wolves?

A:  The majority of Idaho has abundant wolf populations, but unlike other large predators, Wolves have vastly large territories averaging 250 sq miles... and typically not more than one pack inhabiting the core of a single territory at a time… Wolves travel drastically farther and faster than most realize, 20 miles in a single night is not uncommon... What this correlates to is we could tell you to go up X Creek and tell you there are wolves in the area, but the truth is, those wolves may hunt through 30 basins the size of X Creek in one single night. X Creek may have lots of wolf activity or sign in it. But in all reality, it may be 3 to 5 weeks before the wolves pass back through any given portion of their territory. In our opinion, the hardest part of hunting wolves is putting yourself in the same drainage they are in, while they are still there. That’s the reason trapping has a much higher success rate. (less than 1% for hunting / 37% for trapping) If it takes 3 weeks for them to return and they come through at night… a trap remains there and is ready to catch the wolf while he is present, whereas a hunters presence is limited, making convergence a “difficult at best” possibility. (by the way X creek is not a location- only an arbitrary example – don’t waste your time trying to find X creek LOL)

Q:  Can you put me in contact with a Landowner who is having problems with wolves?

A:  Its important to remember Idaho is mostly public land, and the wolves that cause problems on private land typically spend the majority of their time on public land. Then travel onto private land at night to prey on livestock. Although we occasionally have a landowner ask for help, and we are quick to send some of our most productive trapping members to those locations to offer assistance, these instances are rare and we leave landowner communication up to you. Please remember, if you are granted permission to hunt on private land, be courteous, kind, & respectful. Far too many have been disrespectful while on private land and have lost the landowners trust for the rest of us.

Q:  Do non-residents qualify for reimbursement?

A:  Yes, non Idaho residents do qualify for reimbursement. License and tags are required to hunt wolves in Idaho. Nonresident license costs $154.75. Nonresident tag fees have been reduced to $31.75 each to encourage wolf harvest. 15 hunting tags are available per person as well as 15 trapping tags for anyone who has completed the required trapping courses.

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