Ensuring ungulate populations recover in areas negatively impacted by wolves


Mission and Efficiency


The Foundation For Wildlife Management is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to promote ungulate population recovery in areas negatively impacted by wolves, assist State Game management agencies in meeting their wolf management objectives, promote youth in the outdoors, and to educate the general public on the negative impact the successful reintroduction of wolves has had on our ungulate populations.

Managing Wolves is Expensive and Hard Work

F4WM helps hunters and trappers actively manage wolves by reimbursing them for their operational costs. Trappers easily spend thousands of dollars for fuel  while continuously checking traps in the back-country. Without their dedication, wolf populations will continue to reach unacceptable levels and ungulate populations will continue to decline.

​F4WM also facilitates educational seminars and demonstrations to help educate our membership, and youth, on ethical methods of wolf hunting and trapping. The more knowledge our membership shares with one another the more successful we become at managing our wolf populations. Furthermore, today's youth are the future of wildlife management, and for that reason, F4WM strongly promotes exposure of our youth to hunting, trapping, and other predator management practices.

Our Efficiency is Unmatched

F4WM has removed 1100+ wolves with just over $750,000 membership and sponsor dollars, with zero tax funding. That's less than $700 per wolf, solely funded by Sportsmen and concerned citizens. Without the F4WM program, the Idaho Wolf Control Board, would be charged with removing the same wolves. Their expense to investigate livestock depredations and remove problem wolves averaged $9005 per wolf in 2016, and $8003 per wolf in early 2017, 65% of which has historically been funded by Idaho state tax dollars. 1100 wolves x $9000 per wolf= $9,900,000... 65% Tax funded= $6,435,000 State Tax Dollars potentially saved by implementation of our Wolf Harvest Reimbursement Program.

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