Ensuring ungulate populations recover in areas negatively impacted by wolves


Wolf Facts

Wildlife Populations Are At Risk

Idaho is in danger of losing its rich diversity and ample numbers of deer, elk, moose, and wild sheep.

Idaho Lolo Region Study


16,000 Elk


1,000 Elk

The elk heard in the Lolo region numbered 16,000 animals in 1995, but recent counts show that same population at or below 1,000 animals.

The success of the wolf introduction surprised everyone. Today Idaho's predator biologists have documentation for 800 wolves, although many estimate wolf populations to be triple that amount. Unchecked, wolf populations expand at 40% annually. Idaho's wolves have continued to expand at 28% annually despite our efforts. We need your help!​

Each wolf kills at least twenty big game animals each year, including healthy and thriving bulls, cows, and calves. That number does not account for surplus killings and spontaneous abortions caused by stress.​

Wolves have a place in nature. That is not being debated. But so do ungulate wildlife. The Idaho Fish and Game manages the wolf population, setting quotas on how many wolves to remove in order to help other wildlife populations recover, so future generations can enjoy all Idaho has to offer.

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